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02:25:24South_Africa Stevie Wonder - Isn`T She Lovely Jazz Version.mid
01:48:26Brazil Raimundos - Eu Quero Ver o Oco.mid
01:44:43Brazil Roberto Carlos - Amor Perfeito.mid
01:34:55Brazil Angelo Branduardi - Am I Ever Gonna` See Your Face.mid
01:34:24Brazil Atomic Kitten - The Last Goodbye.mid
01:34:13Brazil Annie Lennox - No More I Love Yous.mid
01:32:52Brazil Autres - Tout Pour Ma Cherie.mid
01:32:24Brazil Autres - Forever Young.mid
01:32:19Mexico Claude Debussy - Claire De Lune.mid
01:32:01Brazil Anjos do Hanngar - Fusca Azul.mid
01:31:56Mexico Claude Debussy - Estampes Nr 1.mid
01:30:03Mexico CLASSICAL Satie - Danse De Travers No 1.mid
01:29:44Brazil Atomic Kitten - Ladies Night.mid
01:29:38Mexico CLASSICAL Pachelbel - Werde Munter Mein Gemute.mid
01:29:24Mexico CLASSICAL Rachmaninov - Paganini Variations No.1.mid
01:28:46Brazil Atomic Kitten - You Are.mid
01:28:07Brazil Atomic Kitten - Eternal Flame.mid
01:27:20Mexico Bette Midler - From A Distance 1.mid
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