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10:03:42Ireland The Beatles - Stars On 45 Beatles Medley 1.mid
10:03:09United_States Jimmybuffett - Boat Drinks.mid
10:03:07United_States Jimmybuffett - Cheeseburgers In Paradise.mid
10:02:58United_States Jimmybuffett - Pirate Looks At 40.mid
10:02:56United_States Jimmybuffett - Margaritaville.mid
10:02:23Ireland Beatles - All My Loving.mid
10:02:00United_States Jimmybuffett - Come Monday.mid
10:01:31United_States Country & Western Medley`s - Country Rock Medley Medley.mid
10:01:13Ireland Bryan Adams - Summer Of `69.mid
10:00:57United_States Freddy Quinn - Unter Fremden Sternen Fahrt Ein Weisses Schiff.mid
10:00:55United_States Freddy Quinn - Kein Schoner Land.mid
10:00:53United_States Freddy Quinn - Ich Weiss Das Wir Uns Einmal Wiedersehen.mid
10:00:50United_States Freddy Quinn - Die Gitarre Und Das Meer.mid
10:00:48United_States Freddy Quinn - Jetzt Kommen Die Lustigen Tage.mid
10:00:45United_States Freddy Quinn - Der Junge Von St Pauli.mid
10:00:44United_States Freddy Quinn - Heimweh So Schon War Die Zeit.mid
10:00:42United_States Freddy Quinn - La Paloma 1.mid
10:00:34United_States Freddy Quinn - Aloha A He.mid
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