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13:46:14United_Kingdom Element Four - Big Brother Tv Theme.mid
13:39:00United_Kingdom Leo Canhoto e Robertinho - Vida Amargurada.mid
13:38:36United_Kingdom Leo Canhoto e Robertinho - Gaivota.mid
13:38:09United_Kingdom Joao Roberto e Robertinho - Acordo Para Sonhar.mid
13:37:41United_Kingdom Robert Cray Band - Right Next Door.mid
13:37:17United_Kingdom Robert Armani - Robertarmani hithard.mid
13:36:51United_Kingdom Robert Armani - Robertarmani Circusbells Neily.mid
13:36:21United_Kingdom Ray Barretto - ROBERTA.mid
13:36:02United_States Tom Jones - Delilah.mid
13:36:00United_Kingdom Robert Charlebois - Cauchemar.mid
13:35:38United_Kingdom Robert Charlebois - Forteresse.mid
13:35:12United_Kingdom Robert Charlebois - Les Talons Hauts 3.mid
13:34:33United_Kingdom Robert Charlebois - Madame Bertrand.mid
13:34:08United_Kingdom Robert Charlebois - Frog Song.mid
13:33:46United_Kingdom Robert Charlebois - Conception.mid
13:33:20United_Kingdom Robert Charlebois - Je Reviendrai Montral.mid
13:33:08Germany Peter Maffay - Ich Will Bei Dir Sein.mid
13:32:52United_Kingdom Robert Charlebois - Lindberg 2.mid
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