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07:29:48France Vicky Leandros - Du Bist Mein Erste Gedanke 1.mid
07:28:18United_States Taylor Dayne - I`ll Always Love You.mid
07:21:58Germany Cliff Richard - Rote Lippen Soll Man Kussen Lucky Lips.mid
07:09:59United_States Basement Jaxx - Wheres Your Head At.mid
06:51:47Italy Italian Finardi Eugenio - Extraterrestre.mid
06:41:19France Odyssey - Going Back To My Roots.mid
06:37:19Austria Paola & Lena Valeitis - Ein Schoner Tag Amazing Grace.mid
06:16:44Canada John Denver - Take Me Home Country Roads.mid
06:16:25Canada Midler Bette - The Rose.mid
06:16:03Canada Sinatra Franck - Blue Spanish Eyes.mid
06:15:49Canada Paul & His Orchester Mauriat - El Bimbo 1.mid
06:15:29Canada Solo - Blue Spanish Eyes(Rhumba) Al Martino.mid
06:15:06Canada Engelbert Humperdinck - Blue Spanish Eyes 2.mid
06:14:50Canada Paul Anka - Diana 2.mid
06:05:54Brazil Peao Carreiro e Ze Paulo - Porta do Mundo.mid
05:41:35Korea,_Republic_of Dutch - Limburg.mid
05:38:57Korea,_Republic_of Dutch - Margherita.mid
05:33:53Korea,_Republic_of Midler Bette - The Rose.mid
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