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14:10:35Switzerland Alibert - Le Plus Beau Tango Du Monde.mid
14:10:28Switzerland Tango - Por Una Cabeza.mid
14:10:21Switzerland Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra - Blue Tango.mid
14:10:05Brazil Zilo e Zalo - Saudade..mid
14:09:57Japan Beatles - The When I`m Sixty Four.mid
14:09:13Korea,_Republic_of Jazz StandardsDiversen - My One And Only Love.mid
14:09:02Russian_Federation Tonny Bennet - The Shadow Of Your Smile.mid
14:08:46Brazil Almir Sater - Tocando Em Frente.mid
14:08:10Germany Paul Young - Everytime You Go Away 1.mid
14:07:54Spain Booker T & The Mg`s - Time Is Tight 1.mid
14:07:42Spain Booker T & The Mg`S - Time Is Tight 2.mid
14:07:36Argentina Italian Fogli - Malinconia.mid
14:07:30France Alan Parsons Project - Sirius & Eye In The Sky.mid
14:07:24Germany Mr President - I Give You My Heart 1.mid
14:07:02Germany Paul Young - Everytime You Go Away 2.mid
14:06:43Japan Paul Mccartney - Say Say Say.mid
14:06:38Germany Mr President - MrPresident followthesun.mid
14:05:56Canada Tim Maia - Nao Quero Dinheiro.mid
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