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00:45:01France Dj Cerla - Sahara Rave.mid
00:42:00Netherlands The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind 2.mid
00:41:49Australia Robert Palmer - I`ll Be Your Baby Tonight 1.mid
00:40:51Australia Robert Palmer - I`Ll Be Your Baby Tonight 1.mid
00:39:18Ireland Boney M - Rivers Of Babylon 2.mid
00:39:13Australia Robert Palmer - I`ll Be Your Baby Tonight 2.mid
00:38:20Australia UB 40 - I`ll Be Your Baby Tonight.mid
00:38:18Brazil Jose Augusto - Fui Eu.mid
00:35:47United_States David Bowie - Space Oddity.mid
00:29:46France Vangelis - The Magic Fly.mid
00:29:28Brazil Rouge - Ragatanga.mid
00:28:58Germany Burzum - Erblicket Die Tochter Des Firmaments.mid
00:28:37United_States Mouth & Mcneal - How Do You Do.mid
00:28:27France Eddy Mitchell - La Derniere Seance.mid
00:27:44United_States Mouthandmcneal - How Do You Do.mid
00:26:27Sint_Maarten_(Dutch_part) Lou Rawls - Lady Love.mid
00:25:47France Miles Davis - SOLAR.mid
00:25:14United_States Mouth & Mcneal - How Do You Do.mid
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