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10:48:42Cyprus Spanish - Enrique Guzman Limbo Rock.mid
10:48:09Austria Italian Bobby Solo - Unalacrimasulviso.mid
10:47:49Austria Italian Solo - Una Lacrima Sul Viso.mid
10:47:33Germany The Klf - What Time Is Love.mid
10:47:20Austria Italian Bobby Solo - Una Lacrima Sul Viso K.mid
10:47:13Cyprus Chubby Checker - Limbo Rock.mid
10:47:00Austria Bobby Solo - Una Lacrima Sul Viso.mid
10:46:42Australia Foster And Allen - Nobodys Darlin But Mine.mid
10:46:28Austria Italian Bobby Solo - Bobby Solo Unalacrimasulviso.mid
10:46:25Cyprus Matilda.mid
10:45:49Austria Italian Bobbysolo - Unalacrimasulviso.mid
10:42:35Cyprus Matilda.mid
10:41:11Cyprus Harry Belafonte - Matilda.mid
10:39:12Germany The Bellamy Brothers - More Of You.mid
10:38:41Greece Jazz Standardsdiversen - On Green Dolphin Street.mid
10:37:11Germany The Bellamy Brothers - More Of You.mid
10:35:27Switzerland Don Williams - Some Broken Hearts Never Mend 3.mid
10:34:17Netherlands Irish Trad Song - Foggy Dew.mid
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