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02:41:54United_States Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire.mid
02:40:41Mexico Coolio - Gangsta` Paradise.mid
02:35:55Australia Joanjett - I Love Rock And Roll.mid
02:35:27title= Demi Lovato - Lightweight.mid
02:35:18Brazil Roupa Nova - Wisk a Go Go.mid
02:34:34United_States Queen - The show must go on.mid
02:33:22Chile Depeche Mode - A Question Of Lust.mid
02:33:11United_States Eminem - Mockingbird.mid
02:31:08Sri_Lanka Gaynor Gloria - Can`t Take My Eyes Off You.mid
02:30:33Canada Elvis - Always On My Mind.mid
02:30:07Canada Nintendo NES - Mother Pollyanna.mid
02:30:03Italy Baltimora - Tarzan Boy.mid
02:29:52Canada Ennio Morricone - The Good The Bad And The Ugly.mid
02:29:13Canada Honeydrippers - Sea Of Love.mid
02:28:05Italy Mezzoforte - Garden Party 1.mid
02:26:07Canada Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms 1.mid
02:25:21Dominican_Republic Inner Circle - Sweat A La La La Song 3.mid
02:24:45Canada Elvis - Always On My Mind.mid
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