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12:07:20Belgium Italian Camaleonti E Dick Dick - Senza Luce Dik Dik.mid
12:07:08Germany Klaus & Klaus - Der Eiermann 1.mid
12:06:55Belgium Dik Dik - Senza Luce.mid
12:06:55Germany Klaus & Klaus - Der Eiermann 2.mid
12:06:32Germany Klaus & Klaus - An Der Nordseekuste 1.mid
12:06:15Germany Klaus & Klaus - Viva La Mexico.mid
12:06:09Belgium Dik Dik - Senza Luce.mid
12:05:57Germany Klaus & Klaus - An Der Nordseekuste 2.mid
12:05:44Germany Peter Tosh - Johnny B Goode.mid
12:04:53title= Liu e Leo - A Sementinha.mid
12:04:49Belgium Dik Dik - Senza Luce.mid
12:04:27Belgium Blue System - Magic Symphony.mid
12:03:55Belgium System F - Out Of The Blue.mid
12:03:14Germany System F - Systemf Outoftheblue Autumn.mid
12:02:52Germany Blue System - D 1912laila.mid
12:02:42Belgium Die Artze - Schrei Nach Liebe.mid
12:02:17Belgium Blue System - My Bed Is Too Big.mid
12:01:49Belgium 2 Unlimited - The Real Thing.mid
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