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07:06:46South_Africa Kenny Rogers - Lady.mid
06:53:51Denmark Kenny Rogers - Lady.mid
06:52:02Malaysia Kenny Rogers - Lady.mid
06:51:37Malaysia Bruno Mars - Marry_You 2.mid
06:45:14Germany Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Woodstock.mid
06:39:38Germany Polka & Marsch Muziek Medley`s Tirol - Polka Potpourri Nr 4 Medley.mid
06:39:13Germany Die Original Oberkrainer - Der Mai Ist Gekommen.mid
06:38:32Germany Caterina Valente - Caterina Valente Medley.mid
06:27:57Canada Kid Rock - All Summer Long.mid
06:27:54Germany Def Leppard - Photograph.mid
06:27:42Canada Kid Rock - All Summer Long.mid
06:24:25Germany Boone Pat - Quando Quando Quando.mid
06:15:58United_States Swing Out Sister - Am I The Same Girl.mid
06:11:58Philippines Swing Out Sister - Am I The Same Girl.mid
06:05:22France Louis Armstrong - La Vie En Rose.mid
05:44:02Hungary Katrinaandthewaves - Walking On Sunshine.mid
05:43:46United_Kingdom Gloria Estefan - Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.mid
05:38:37Argentina Kenny Rogers - Lady.mid
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