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08:30:54Belgium Acdc - Back In Black.mid
08:30:08Thailand The Marmellades - Reflections Of My Life.mid
08:30:08France Eric Clapton - Knockin` On Heaven`s Door.mid
08:30:04Belgium Mavericks - Dance The Night Away 2.mid
08:29:48France Eric Clapton - Knockin` On Heaven`S Door.mid
08:28:11France Eric Clapton - Knockin` On Heaven`s Door.mid
08:27:37India Christina Perri - A Thousand Years.mid
08:27:36Germany Toto - Africa 1.mid
08:27:35Italy Spanish - Bolero Clasico Tu Me Acostumbraste.mid
08:25:29Germany Chubby Checker - The Twist.mid
08:25:19Germany Umberto Tozzi - Gloria.mid
08:23:00France Florent Pagny - Savoir Aimer.mid
08:21:34Italy Shocking Blue - VENUS 4.mid
08:21:26Norway Mika - Grace Kelly.mid
08:21:23Japan Michael Buble - White Christmas.mid
08:20:55Italy Acdc - Back In Black.mid
08:19:56Italy Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful.mid
08:19:38Malaysia Usher - Dj Got Us Fallin In Love Feat Pitbull.mid
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